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What is Bed Supperclub?

BED SUPPERCLUB is a 'dining in bed' experience. Best described as a unique combination of upscale restaurant, club, art gallery, theatre and stage merged into one. Housed in a custom-built building with a modern, all white futuristic setting, BED crosses the divide between dining and cutting edge entertainment. BED is the place you take your shoes off, lay down and feel at home.

BED is a showcase for all the arts – culinary, visual, musical and theatrical. People will be engaged in as many ways as possible, giving a taste of something new or different – A feast for the 5 human senses.

Sanya's latest blog post


The BSC burger

So here it is – for now. Never a dish has been evolving so much since it was on the menu, involving numerous tastings, with the diverging inputs from the owners, the general manager and the head chef, all of which are perfectionists. Sort of a steering committee so to speak. The burger is a [...] Read More